3 Alternatives to the Traditional Cloud storage for Sharing Corporate Files

Companies need to have guarantees of data availability and security. Thus, they use cloud file storage not to take up device memory and have constant access to business data. This article will review the common alternatives to traditional cloud storage for corporate needs. 

Cloud storage for sharing corporate data

Every year, companies collect, analyze, and store more and more data. It is expected that with the development of technology, the amount of information collected will grow even more rapidly. In this case, there is a storage problem. And it’s not just about choosing storage. It is necessary to ensure the usability of information, its availability, security, and the possibility of recovery in the event of an incident. 

You probably know a lot of cloud storage systems: Yandex. Disk, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. These online repositories are actively used all over the world. However, additional conditions are important for companies that need reliable storage of large amounts of data. Therefore, they are looking for a provider ready to offer enterprise-class hosting and the rapidly scalable infrastructure needed to meet growing business needs.

Migrating to cloud storage is a bit like moving savings to the bank. The main concern is the reliability and security of the storage location. The issue of data security affects a whole layer of regulations and requirements that a cloud provider and its infrastructure must comply with. Large providers may seem like the safer choice. However, Dropbox and iCloud have failed to protect their customers’ data, despite using enormous technical resources to implement sophisticated security measures such as encrypting data. The problem is that security is a relative term and depends on many factors.

Alternatives to the traditional cloud storage

Today, there are a huge number of platforms on the Internet that allow people to place their data on virtual electronic servers. Therefore, we have determined cloud storage three alternatives for your corporate needs:

  1. Virtual data room software 

A data room is not only the online storage of files in a cloud service but also a whole system consisting of numerous development tools, controls, and security structures. It is easy to guess that such a platform is aimed exclusively at servicing corporate clients. The software ensures the on-premises file server new cloud access, secure file-sharing, and data protection capabilities while retaining legacy safeguards, permissions controls, and data ownership to let you share files with existing permissions. Data rooms have the great advantage that an unlimited number of people can easily access and edit the desired data anywhere and anytime. So, if you are a bit suspicious of cloud storage, especially for data protection reasons, you can alternatively opt for a data room choosing as a perfect alternative for working with corporate data. 

  1. Google Workspace 

It is a suite of related business applications for collaboration and team communication. With Workspace, companies can create an internal workspace for team interaction and streamline work with documents, email, and communication with customers and partners. A suite of tools from Google allows you to solve problems and communicate in one space. The app does not impose any limits or minimum requirements on the size of a company.

  1. Azure cloud storage

With Azure cloud storage, a business can get many bonuses and new opportunities depending on the activity field, the usage scenario, and the company’s goals. Microsoft attaches great importance to the security of client data and is constantly working on improving cloud protection functions. Today, cloud storage users can securely transfer data to the cloud using the HTTPS protocol and use archive-level encryption with 256-bit AES keys.